SFIMMS Manual Medicine


Manual Medicine has emerged as a primary tool in patient management for the care of acute and chronic pain. As such, it has become an intergral part of the practice of clinical medicine.

In Manual Medicine, the practitioner's hands are used diagnostically and therapeutically. Specific examination and treatment skills can be easily acquired and applied simply and effectively in clinical problem solving.

Manual Medicine encompasses an entire spectrum of care emphasizing functional restoration rather than isolated techniques. Building on the science of medicine, the San Francisco International Manual Medicine Society seeks to provide a tangible return to the art of medicine.

The Society's courses are designed to provide health professionals with a strong foundation in manual medicine. The courses are offered at basic, intermediate and advanced levels with appropriate textbooks and course manuals provided. The education format utilizes a variety of approaches including: Didactic Teaching, Step-by-Step Presentation, Hands-on Laboratory Sessions, and Clinical Problem Solving. The advanced level programs include: Patient Case Studies, Clinical Integrations, special One-Week Preceptorship, and ongoing Fellowship Programs.

SFIMMS invites you to become an active member and to participate in this exciting field by taking advantage of the courses offered.